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Case 13

Upper Implant-retained denture

HISTORY - Angharad came to Dr Mallorie complaining that she had lost her confidence to smile and she wasn't eating the foods that she used to enjoy because of her teeth. Most of her remaining upper teeth were loose or broken. 


PLANNING - Careful assessment of a 3-Dimensional x-ray of her upper jaw showed she had adequate bone to place four implants of sufficient dimension to support and retain an upper removable denture. This was a more affordable solution for her to achieve her aesthetic and functional desires compared to having fixed bridgework.

AL CBCT 3D.jpg

SURGERY - Dr Mallorie proceeded to remove all of Angharad's remaining upper teeth that were failing and place four dental implants and fit her with a temporary full denture. Then three months later the final restorative work could be completed.


RESTORATION - A new upper denture with a cobalt-chrome frame and no palate was then made along with a CAD-CAM titanium bar which attached on to the four implants. The denture clips on to the bar for use allowing her to bite into apples and smile with the confidence that her dentures won't come loose. The denture is removable at night for cleaning, but the bar is fixed on to the implants permanently. Plus she never has to use any of the dreaded denture glue and she is now back to smiling and socialising with friends without feeling conscious of her teeth.

Video of the final denture
Video of the final denture being inserted and removed (sound on)
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