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Case 3

"Teeth-in-a-day" / "All-on-4"

HISTORY - Brian was tired of the appearance of his upper teeth as well as feeling scared to eat some of the foods he used to enjoy such as steak and crunch apples as he was missing all of his upper back teeth. He was keen to avoid having to wear dentures at all costs so he embarked on the All-on-4 journey with Dr Mallorie.


PLANNING - Brian's upper jaw was then assessed via a 3D scan, called a conebeam CT scan. This allows Dr Mallorie to very carefully plan the positioning of any future implants and to predictably assess what his options would be for fixed implant rehabilitation. 

Once it had been determined that Brian was a candidate for the All-on-4 / Teeth-in-a-day process he then had impressions taken over two visits to prepare for the day of surgery.

AB OPG.jpg

SURGERY - On the day of surgery in the morning all of Brian's remaining upper teeth were removed and 4 dental implants placed into his upper jaw under local anaesthetic. Impressions and records were then taken and then in the afternoon of the same day a temporary metal re-enforced bridge was fitted onto the implants. He then had to maintain a soft diet for 3 months whilst his bone healed onto the implant surfaces.

Postop OPG AB.jpg

FINAL RESTORATION - After four months the temporary bridge was removed and impressions and records were taken over a few visits to enable the manufacture of his final bridge with CAD-CAM titanium frame and high-impact acrylic teeth and composite gums. At each visit his temporary bridge was removed and replaced before he left the surgery. A very natural and long-lasting result for Brian.

final fit.jpg
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