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Case 12

Single Implant to Replace a Fractured Front Tooth

HISTORY - Owen fractured his front tooth suddenly whilst playing football. His dentist referred him immediately to see Dr Mallorie as he was keen to have a dental implant to replace the tooth. Replacing a front tooth with a dental implant must be performed carefully in order to try and recreate a natural, long-lasting appearance.


PLANNING - The tooth was extracted and the socket grafted with xenograft material (Bio-oss) and a gum graft to try and best preserve the architecture of the site for future implant placement. This method helps produce a controlled, predictable end-result. (A partial denture was then fitted for him to wear during the healing process).


SURGERY - After healing of the site, the placement of a dental implant was carefully planned and executed.


TEMPORARY RESTORATION - After 3 months of healing, impressions are taken and a temporary implant crown is then attached to the implant. This is then altered over a few weeks to recreate the shape of the gum around the neck of the tooth to try and mirror the adjacent incisor.


FINAL RESTORATION - The final crown is then made by copying the shape created and thanks to the skill of a master dental technician to mimic the colour of the adjacent tooth. The result is a natural looking appearance and a very happy, and relieved, patient.

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