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Intravenous "Twilight" Sedation

Nervous of dental surgery? There's no need to be... dental sedation techniques can be used during your surgical procedure to alleviate your anxiety. Dr Mallorie understands that having surgery can be very unnerving for people. That's why he trained as an operator-sedationist using the intravenous drug midazolam. This drug has been used for many many years within the medical profession to safely relax patients. This technique enables Dr Mallorie to treat patients who would otherwise have put treatment off until they were in severe pain sometimes requiring emergency hospital admission and subsequent emergency surgery under general anaesthetic. Dr Mallorie was a Clinical Teacher in Oral Surgery at King's College Hospital whilst living in London during which time he taught this sedation technique to many final year students so he is well versed at performing the technique. 

Intravenous Sedation with Midazolam

Midazolam is a sedative drug that is delivered intravenously which creates a profound state of relaxation in patients. It has the advantageous side effect of temporary amnesia in such that most patients have no memory of the surgical procedure. The level of drug is tailored for the individual patient based on their response. The aim is to achieve a very relaxed state whereby the patient is able to answer direct questions, but otherwise is very sleepy and calm. All safety and electronical monitoring equipment is used during the sedation to ensure that the process is performed in a very controlled environment. Once the treatment is complete and the sedation has worn off the patient is good to go home with their friend or relative. After sedation with midazolam you must not:


                                       - Drive, cycle, or operate heavy machinery

                                               - Drink alcohol

                                               - Be the sole carer for children or dependent adults

                                               - Sign any legal documents or make any improtant decisions



If you are nervous of having dental surgery, Dr Mallorie is happy to discuss the option of you having it performed under intravenous sedation

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