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Read what some of Dr Mallorie's patients have to say about him...



"My experience was by far the best I've encountered by comparison with past dental visits. I was truly inspired by the expertise shown and the calm, pleasant demeanor causing me to feel so relaxed during my treatment. Thank you again for your outstanding work." - Margaret



"Dr Mallorie is one of the most time efficient people I have ever known. With that skill he shows caring and compassion and amazing knowledge. His work is atraumatic and superior. From my perception as a person terrified of dental visits he was able to support me through the process with a calm and caring demeanor. Wonderful man!" - Lynda



"I have recently received the very best care from Dr Mallorie. The surgical experience was exceptional - I experienced no pain both during the surgery and afterwards, neither did I experience any bruising or discomfort. The surgery was calm and carried out to the highest of expertise and clinical standards - Thank you." - Annie



"The restorations and implants have enabled me to appreciate food and life without the inconvenience of dentures. I experienced no pain or discomfort after surgery. I attribute this to Craig's careful attention to detail and his surgical expertise." - Cheryl



"I am a perfectionist, and when I met you I knew straight away that you are a perfectionist. That is why I know and could see how you start and finish every work/dental job to perfection. I am very happy with the results and am confident it is going to be a great lasting result." - Priya



"The implants that you inserted are perfect. My ailing vanity has been boosted and so too my digestion." - Simon



"Dental implant done to perfection. Enhancement in functionality and appearance. My dental implant surgery went so smoothly, that the first thing I have done after the procedure was to shake Dr Craig Mallorie's hand and thank him immensely. It wasn't a surgery, it was a couple of hours of relaxation." - Grace



"The outcome of the dental work provided was literally life-changing in respect not only too appearance which was excellent - but also eating food became more pleasant and enjoyable. Craig's strengths in patient care and treatment was evident from the beginning. I was thoroughly informed on treatment plans and costs. Dental work was highly professional and pain free. Thank you Craig for all your dental work - it is greatly valued and appreciated every day!" - Maureen



"Previous work done by a less skilled practitioner had left me with an uncomfortable mouth - my teeth sometimes clashed in mid-sentence. I initially sought you out when a crown had to be replaced with an implant. You outlined a proposed treatment which included realignment of my front teeth and now the problem with my teeth not meeting porperly no longer exists. Craig, you are by far the very best dentist I 've ever had. My teeth are the best they have ever been. You really listened and addressed each concern with information that I could readily understand. You were patient and never dismissive of any issues. I never felt rushed. I would highly recommend your services to my family and friends without reservation." - Marissa



"The greatest testament to your good work is that I don't think about it. The replacement teeth feel like they have always been there." - Jenny



"My smile is fantastic. Very professional, and no pain!". - John



"I felt that Craig was consistantly attentive and demonstrated professionalism at all times. The outcome of treatment was more that I could ever have believed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Craig." - Leonie



"I am an 87 year old and the dental treatment given to me to continue and enjoy a full and active life. I can honestly recommend Dr M as a highly competent dental surgeon and one who can readily inspire confidence that all will be well." - Ian

"Wisdom tooth extraction by Dr Craig Mallorie was absolutely first class. My grateful thanks as a nervous patient. Would strongly recommend anyone to trust Dr Mallorie." - Elizabeth

"Superb experience this morning despite being in a lot of pain. Dr Mallorie was great." - Richard

"My treatment by Dr Mallorie has always been first rate. He has laid out the options clearly when I needed treatment and helped guide my decisions with sound advice. He has always delivered what he said he would - to the highest standard - in a friendly, approachable and professional manner. I have high confidence in him." - Christopher

"Delighted! I was worried about implant surgery but having had a sinus lift and two implants carried out by Dr Mallorie I have no fear, there was no pain, no infection, and I now enjoy all foods. He has the lightest touch, he is caring, never rushed. This man is terrific!" - Steven


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