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Visiting Intravenous Sedation Service

If you wish to provide treatment under intravenous sedation in your practice but do not have the equipment and neccesary training to do so then perhaps we can help...


Having dental treatment can be a stressful experience for some patients. Dr Mallorie fully understands this and it is, in fact, what led him to complete a Diploma in Conscious Sedation at King's College, London. He is now a fully trained sedationist using the intravenous drug midazolam. This drug has been used for many, many years within the medical profession to safely relax patients. This technique enables practitioners to treat anxious patients who would have otherwise avoided treatment until severe pain or emergency hospital admission forced them to seek help. Dr Mallorie was a Clinical Teacher in Oral Surgery at King's College Hospital whilst living in London during which time he taught this sedation technique to many final year students. You can feel confident in his commitment to delivering high quality care to your patients.

 Dr Mallorie is fully compliant with the Intercollegiate Advisory Committee For Sedation in Dentistry 2015 Guidelines. In fact he has gone above their requirement that providers of sedation services have Intermediate Life Support training by becoming Advanced Life Support Certified. This involved a practical and written examination training alongside Accident and Emergency Doctors and Anaesthetists.

 All necessary equipment to facilitate safe IV sedation for your patients will be provided by Dr Mallorie. This includes a pulse oximeter (the same unit as used in King's College Hospital), blood pressure cuffs and all associated drugs.

If you require such a service on a sessional basis, or require further information please email:

Advanced Life Support Certified

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