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Guided Surgery

Computer guided implant surgery is a very useful tool in Dr Mallorie's armamentarium. Through careful planning using radiographic stents and the latest implant planning software NobelClinician the implant positioning can be planned with precision. After producing diagnostic mockups of where we want the teeth to be you then have a 3-Dimensional x-ray whilst wearing the stent. This data is then analysed and the surgery carefully planned by Dr Mallorie. The information of the surgical plan is then sent to Sweden where the surgical guide is 3-D printed and returned to Dr Mallorie ready for your surgery. The stent thn guides the drills during surgery to position them in the planned sites, often without even having to cut the gums. The advantages of the guided surgery is a shorter surgery time, and less postoperative swelling or discomfort. Dr Mallorie has done many guided surgery cases and has in the past been asked to lecture to other dental surgeons on the topic at the prestigious Melbourne-Seattle Study Club.

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