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Read what some of Dr Mallorie's past and present colleagues have to say about him...



“Dr Craig Mallorie is a fantastic dental surgeon. It has been a pleasure to plan and treat multidisciplinary cases together with him.  Craig has a distinct eye for detail and his stepwise approach to complex cases yield fantastic results. Craig is approachable, has great communication skills and has a gentle touch even when extracting impacted lower 8's! Striving for excellence and being humble enough  to share the knowledge along the way is an extremely noble trait. It is always a pleasure working with Craig.” – Dr Kaval Patel (Orthodontic Specialist)


“I have had the pleasure of working with Craig in my capacity as a dental technician since his return to the UK.  His outstanding technical skills and knowledge, complimented by his unsurpassed ethics and morals, make Craig a unique dentist for his age.  Craig goes above and beyond what is expected, leaving no detail over-looked, to ensure his patients receive world class care.  In testament to his ability to stand out from the crowd, some of the cases I have worked on with Craig have seemed near impossible at the early treatment planning stage.  Yet with his vision and skill set, Craig has consistently demonstrated what can be delivered to change people’s lives through dentistry.” – Mr Ashley Byrnes (Dental technician/Laboratory owner)


“I worked closely with Craig for 2 years and he is certainly one of the most meticulous dentists I have worked with. He is highly skilled in oral and implant surgery and gets consistently great results. He is continuously striving to improve himself through his unrelenting commitment to postgraduate education.” – Dr Ali Parvizi (Harley Street Specialist Prosthodontist)


“As a specialist orthodontist I see a cross section of many specialist and non-specialist performed procedures and I must say that the quality of surgical procedures and results achieved by Dr Mallorie is World Class” – Dr Alex Yusupov (Orthodontic Specialist)


“Craig’s dedication, skills, sense of humour and genuine love of dentistry make him an invaluable dentist” – Mrs Therese King (Practice Manager)

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr Craig Mallorie for two years as his dental nurse. His professionalism and dedication to educating himself, his patients and his colleagues throughout this time inspired me to further develop my own skills within the profession. Dr Mallorie has a knack for interacting in both a positive and instructive manner and is one of the kindest dentists I have come across. Dr Mallorie treats every patient as if they were a a member of his family and always goes above and beyond to deliver excellent care to his patients.” – Ms Rachel Smolcic (Hygiene student, ex-dental nurse)


A fastidious clinician committed to providing the very best in care for his patients. I’ve enjoyed every moment of our professional relationship” – Tony Edwards (Dental Prosthetist and Laboratory Owner)


“Dr Mallorie is definitely the best dentist that I have ever worked with, his attention to detail and amazing patient care is top class. He really does love his job and he takes great pride in all the work that he carries out, whether it is a simple extraction or complex implant. He is also an amazing teacher, I have learned so much throughout my 2 years working with him and his advice and guidance inspired me to apply for a hygiene/therapy course which I will be starting soon.” – Ms Shana Lawrence (Dental nurse, future hygiene/therapy student)


“I have been working closely with Dr Mallorie for the last two years. As a clinician he is thorough, knowledgeable, high achieving and organised. Dr Mallorie’s patients speak highly of him and are happy with the treatment he provides them. I hold the highest regard for his blend of efficiency and compassion which makes for an ideal dental surgeon.” – Dr Sharon Stern (Endodontic Specialist)


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