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Case 8

Lower Implant-retained denture

HISTORY - Lynda came to Dr Mallorie complaining that she couldn't cope with a lower denture she had recently had fitted. She was unable to chew properly and it was socially very awkward when it came loose. She had an upper denture which fitted fine.

PLANNING - A 3-Dimensional x-ray of her lower jaw showed she had adequate bone to place two implants which the lower denture could clip on to. This is a very affordable way to provide some major retention to a loose lower denture.

SURGERY - Dr Mallorie placed two implants into her lower jaw and three months later they were ready to attach the denture to.

RESTORATION - A new lower denture with a cobalt-chrome frame was made that had clips on the inside that then match up with clips on top of the implants. Once the denture is clipped in Lynda was back eating apples and chewing with confidence. The denture is still removed in the evenings for cleaning, but the added retention thanks to the two implants was life changing for Lynda.

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