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Case 7

Managing a Failed Implant

HISTORY - Annie had had an implant placed in the wrong position by an inexperienced clinician about 6 years prior to seeing Dr Mallorie. She had been told that there was nothing more that could be done. Dr Mallorie disagreed.

PLANNING - Annie wanted to improve the aesthetics of her teeth as well as the position of the implant so Dr Mallorie began with diagnostic planning of the future teeth positions with the dental technician.

STAGE 1 - The implant was removed and a gum graft performed to regenerate the lost gum height. A temporary denture was also fabricated and fitted on the day of surgery to improve the aesthetics whilst the implant site was being managed.

STAGE 2 - Due to the bony defect after removing the implant, plus a lack of bone in the ideal implant placement area, the next stage was a bone grafting procedure. The graft was left for 9 months to consolidate and become a solid block of bone.

STAGE 3 - A new implant was placed in a more ideal position and then left to heal for 3 months.

STAGE 4 - A temporary implant bridge was then fitted onto the new implant whilst the patient completed some orthodontics on the lower teeth and had two additonal implants placed to restore some missing lower teeth.

FINAL STAGE - Once the implants were all ready to go and the lower teeth nicely aligned the final aesthetic work was completed by Dr Mallorie with some new crowns on her upper teeth and a porcelain veneer. Now she can smile again with confidence. 

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