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Case 6

Guided Implant Surgery

HISTORY - Roger ,who was 91 years young at the time, was tired of wearing a partial denture for most of his life and had been keen to have dental implants since he had been in his mid 80's but due to health issues it had been deemed by the dental surgeon he had seen previously that he could not undergo a long surgical procedure to have the implants placed.

PLANNING - The founder of dental implants Professor Branemark famously said that "No one should die with their teeth in a glass". So Dr Mallorie set to work investigating whether or not guided implant surgery would be an option for Roger. Mockups of the final bridge were made and tried in the mouth before he was then sent for a 3-Dimensional CT scan to assess his bonee.

3-D SURGICAL GUIDE FABRICATION- Once Dr Mallorie had planned the surgery he then sent the planning to Sweden where they 3-D print the custom surgical guide stent. It is returned ready for surgery in 10 days.

SURGERY- The huge advantage of this technique, particularly with medically compromised patients, is that no cuts in the gum are required and surgery is relatively quick compared with conventional techniques. As a result it means less chair time for the patient and next to no pain or swelling after surgery. The photo to the right was taken immediately after surgery. The surgery took just under 20 minutes to complete. The implants were then left for 3 months whilst the bone healed onto their titanium surface.

RESTORATION- Three months later, after a few appointments for impressions and records, the final bridge is ready to fit. Roger had always liked the gap between his front teeth and wished to replicate this with the final bridge. He is now 95 years young and happy to be denture-free. 

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