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Case 5

Socket Grafting / Ridge Preservation

HISTORY - Faye presented to Dr Mallorie with toothache from a lower molar which turned out to be due to a large cyst on the tooth.

PLANNING - A 3-Dimensional scan revealed the extent of the cyst. Extraction of the tooth and removal of the cyst would have left a large defect that would potentially have made it very difficult for her to replace the tooth with a dental implant. Therefore the decision was made by Dr Mallorie to perform a socket grafting procedure whereby the defect, after the extraction of teh tooth and removal of the cyst, was filled with a mix of the patients bone and bovine bone graft material.

SURGERY - The extraction and socket grafting was performed under local anaesthetic and then left for 6 months for the graft to consolidate and form a solid bock of bone. Six months later we are left with a beautiful site ready for safe and predictable implant placement.

IMPLANT PLACEMENT - A dental implant was then placed into the site by Dr Mallorie. He has a 99-percent success rate with implants placed into the lower jaw so we can be confident of a good result for Faye.

IMPLANT RESTORATION - Three months after implant placement the final crown was restored by the referring dentist and Faye is back to full chewing function again.

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