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Case 4

Sinus Grafting

HISTORY - Emma wanted to replace her two missing upper molars but due to a lack of bone in the area it was not possible to place dental implants without performing a sinus grafting procedure.

SURGERY - Under local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation Emma has a sinus graft performed. This involves Dr Mallorie making a small window, approximately 1 x 2 cm in size, in the outer wall of the sinus and then elevation of the membrane that lines the floor of the sinus cavity. Into the pocket created a combination of the patient's bone taken from the local area and bovine (cow) bone granules is packed into the floor of the sinus. The window is then covered with a porcine (pig) collagen membrane and then the gum stitched back together.

IMPLANT PLACEMENT - Nine months later the bone had become a solid block and was ready to receive implants. The implants were placed under local anaesthetic without sedation and then they were left for 3 months before being ready to restore with the final teeth.

RESTORATION - Three months after placing the implants they were ready to be restored by Dr Mallorie.

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