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Case 2

Immediate Implant Placement

HISTORY - Patricia had a postcrown on her front tooth that had split and required extraction. She is a very woman and frequently speaks to large audiences and so would not tolerate a temporary denture if the tooth were extracted.

PLANNING - Her 3-D bone x-ray showed a favourable clinical situation for immediate implant placement. That is removal of the tooth and placement of a dental implant immediately into the bone at the base of the socket. As well as immediate placement of the implant it was also deemed possible to place a temporary implant crown onto the implant on the same day as the surgery.

SURGERY - In the morning on the day of surgery Patricia's tooth was carefully extracted and a dental implant placed along with some bone graft material into the socket. An impression was then taken.

IMMEDIATE TEMPORARY - In the afternoon on the same day a temporary resin implant crown was screwed in to the implant. The temporary crown is a little dehydrated when inserted, hence it looks a little whiter in the photo, but after a few hours the patient's saliva rehydrates it and the colour stabilises. Then after 4 months of healing the final impressions could be taken for the final porcelain crown.

TWO WEEKS AFTER SURGERY- Two weeks later the patient returns for a review reporting no pain or swelling after surgery which is one of the advantages of this immediate implant placement technique. We then waited 4 months for the bone to heal onto the implant surface via a process known as "osseointegration".

FINAL RESTORATION- After 4 months of healing the final implant impression is taken and the final restoration fitted. For implant crowns at the front of the mouth Dr Mallorie likes to use a customised zirconia foundation with a porcelain crown to provide optimum aesthetics.

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