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Case 9

Implant Bridge

HISTORY - Charlie presented with infection on the front supporting tooth of an existing bridge due to decay and a crack in the tooth (yellow arrow). There was also a retained root fragment left after a failed extraction atempt many years ago (red arrow).

PLANNING - The bridge was cut to leave a single crown on the back tooth and both the decayed tooth, which was unrestorable, and the retained root fragment were removed. A temporary denture was provided whilst the site was healing to give the patient some teeth to chew and smile with.

SURGERY - Then after 3 months the patient was sent for a 3-D scan of the site to enable careful planning of his implants (left photo). Three implants were planned in this case as the patient has a strong bite however sometimes two implants are enough to replace three missing teeth.

The three implants were then carefully placed by Dr Mallorie (right photo) following the measuremments taken from the original planning.

RESTORATION - After 3 months of healing, multiple impressions were taken and a three-tooth bridge was fitted onto the implants (yellow arrow). The patient can now function as normal without the need to wear dentures.

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