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Case 10


HISTORY - Rhian presented to Dr Mallorie for a second opinion after being told she needed her front tooth extracting and to have a dental implant. After careful assessment of the tooth Dr Mallorie offered her the option of having an apicectomy procedure as a way to try and avoid losing the tooth. Here you see the pre-surgery xray with the infection outlined in yellow.


SURGERY - The minor surgical procedure was performed carefully using Dr Mallorie's piezosurgery unit which allows atraumatic access to the site to remove the root tip and clean out the remaining end of the tooth to facilitate the placement of filling material to seal the root tip. This is the xray taken immediately after surgery showing the shortened root tip and the filling placed into the end of the remaining root (marked in blue). Healing was uneventful and the pain the patient had been experiencing disappeared after healing.


REVIEW - After 6 months of healing a follow-up x-ray showed good healing of the defect that was present with new healthy bone showing the procedure has been a success. The tooth has remained symptom-free since surgery and Rhian will now hopefully keep this tooth for many years to come.

6m review4.JPG
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